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bloggy surfing

As I am surfing this morning, I feel so lucky to know such a great variety of women in the weblog world... So many of my daily visits are girls who I now feel close to, and they are just AMAZING people. It makes me wonder which of my new favorite reads will become more than just a new read - will this be a new wonderful friend who I will anxiously away email from? Why do some of my favorites decide to leave? Sometimes, that’s the only time I get to keep up with them is reading their journal, and so I miss those who have gone away.

Anyhow, in coordination with my delightfully happy Geoff Moore and Steven Curtis Chapman this morning, it made me happy to surf smile

Each of you are special to me, and I feel way lucky to have met you smile


but i love you! and i promise to e-mail you and keep you updated. in fact, off i go to set up a notify list. smooch!

Aww you’re such a sweetie smile You bring a smile to my face every time I read your site or talk with you on SI. The world needs more happy and generous people like you!

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