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Todays date is weird: 100101; and hard to type when I’m used to typing everything beginning with a zero in Peachtree.

I’m at work nice and early. Trying to get a start on my projects for the day, but first I took all of my popcans (probably 2 weeks worth) from my desk, and dumped out the bits of pop and rinsed them out, and took off the poptabs, and put them in the box for recycling. The desk looks better now smile

Eric had to get to work early. One of the customers of their business had a severe problem with her computer, and because E couldn’t stay late on friday or come in during the weekend, he had to try and get it fixed before the workday started. Oh well, I’d rather be here and have some quiet time at work before I get started and then get off earlier. 'cept that my eyes are tired!

Ahh, yesterday. E woke up with a tummy ache. It got worse as the day went on, so he spent most of the day in bed. SO, I played the hostess alone and did okay. Lisa helped me out quite a bit. The dinner with everybody (8 ended up at the table, which fits perfectly) turned out wonderful. The food was all good, and everybody was full and happy by the end of the meal smile Compliments all around. It was nice! So since E was still so sick, Dad took his family to the airport for us, and mom and Lisa and Matthew hung out here for a little while. It all turned out good... so I’m happy!

After everybody left, we watched a bit of TV - the end of Back to the Future, Pretender (and got to see the preview for the December movie, too!), and the beginning of Bugs Life. I went downstairs to see how E was doing, and he was catching up on Dragonball Z, so we watched Friday’s Buffy together (since we were at Applebees with my parents on friday night instead of at home). Another good one. I’m loving these reruns. I smile seeing Buffy and Angel in the same room - its so funny, after so long of him not on the show. Then to bed we went smile Tired out from lots of hostessing!

So I got up a bit late this morning, and haven’t quite woken all of the way up yet. E’s tummy is better, but not all the way happy yet. Poor boy. I have a secret confession to make, though - everytime he gets this sick, I get anxious because I hate cleaning up barf. I’m petrified of the prospect of having to do it. I’ve had to several times now, and I am just so scared of having to do it again! I very rarely get sick enough to throw up (its been years)... and I know that some day, I’ll have to deal with sick kids, but maybe that’ll be an E-job. Blech.

I have several inspirations that I’m working on for my site. And stuff that I should be working on for blogplates. But now its time to analysize the weekly ordering quantities and orders that we are still waiting for. I’m getting better at this. smile

happiness and joy to you today!!


Over here it’s 011001, or 011001, heh it’s the same both ways!

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