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stress article

Excerpts from Putting the Reins on Stress:

"Take deep breaths, Clance says. 'When people feel anxious, they unconsciously hold their breath. That’s why meditating, walking, and yoga works—they get people to breathe. If you take a few moments during the day to take a full, slow breath, then let it out slowly, that will help release the irritability or sadness—whatever feelings that you express in stress. ' "

"Spending 10 minutes a day to write what you’re feeling—all those distressing emotions—helps you put them behind you, says Clance. 'When people don’t feel comfortable talking about their problems, writing can be helpful, help you focus inward. Then you have to get away from it, focus on something that’s not stressful, something in your daily activities. Finding something that distracts you is very important.' "

Very interesting article - I’d recommend reading all of it - these were just the thwo most interesting paragraphs to me. Breathing is definitely something I’m trying to do better, and using my journal for writing my distressing emotions really does seem to help.

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