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gorge picture

Did you know that at the beginning of Fools Rush In, you can see the house I used to live inconfused!!! I swore that it was the case last time I watched it, and E didn’t believe me. So I pulled out the video while my parents were here today to see, and the first scan over the scenery just before you see Selma Hayak.... that’s the Columbia River gorge from Crown Point. You can see Beacon Rock when you first look, and then the rock in the middle of the water that you can see from the breathtaking view. And in the center of the hill towards the end of the scan, there are two white dots in the middle of the hill - that’s our old house!!!!! smile

I get excited about little things! But its so cool smile


Just like you, it’s things like that amuse the heck out of me too! I am, after all, easiy amused! smile Now I will have to watch that movie again to check it out. I love that movie!

That’s awesome! You know the movie Cape Fear (the newer one with Robert DeNiro)? There is a road in it that they drive down that is a road right near my old house. Ok, not quite as cool as your story, but it reminded me of it. smile

I’d be excited about that too..! How cool smile

In the movie "Mad Max" with Mel Gibson (or "Road Warrior", don’t know what it’s called here), there’s an old farm house when they go out to the country - that belongs/used to belong to my sister’s dad. That’s my variation upon the "there’s our old place in that movie" story wink

ooh, now i want to go rent that movie. i’d love to see your old house - heehee

my husband has a 2 second cameo in the movie Giant Steps. he’s walking across a big lot in the very very beginning.

and he says to say Lando is in the movie which is the only cool thing about the movie - besides him! smile

That is really really neat! Now I’m gonna have to see the movie. :o)

crazy! jay and I love that movie—I’ve seen it proll 50-60 times, easy. I’m going to have to check it out now!

How cool, Kristine! I’m amused by little things like that too.

Our town is seen in a lot of movies, since we’re close to LA. But I’ve never had my house in one of them! : )