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middle of the night thoughts

I was way sleepy last night. We ate dinner, and I convined E that he needed to lay down cuz he’d been sick. I climbed into bed with him and said that I was sleepy, so he said to take a little nap (at 6ish). I knew that if I did, I’d not get back up. Oh well. I woke up at 10:30 to pee and then climbed back into bed and went to sleep. So its 2ish, and I’m awake now - mainly because the window was cracked open a bit, and I could hear a really loud truck. But in my head, I thought it was a plane - I woke up thinking a really low plane was about to crash because the initial noise of taking off sounds very similar to the initial noise of a truck coming down the highway, but the trucks get louder and louder, and I had to wake up and worry about that. I don’t like waking up to that, it freaked me out. I know my imagination was running wild, but it really sounded scary.

So I couldn’t go back to sleep then, so I’m surfing for a teeny bit and then I’ll go back and take a little nap.

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