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cool girl

have I mentioned lately how cool my zalary-love is? We had such a wonderful long talk yesterday, and it was the highlight of my MHD yesterday. I got to watch her do fun things at SI, and learn some of her php knowledge... she’s a php-goddess, I’m sure of it. We talked about babies and homeschooling and perfect jobs and silly boys and being happy. It was delightful. Rina made me giggle yesterday with her NSync stuff - and other cool stuff, too smile

I’m glad that I’m getting better about chatting with friends again. I’ve been shyed away from it after the ingo stuff, and am just coming back to the feeling that I could actually chat all day and love it again. I hope that soon, I can build up my list of friends online to chat with. And actually have time to do that. Ahhh, stuff to work on smile

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