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hard work=relax for weekend

I worked really hard at work this week. I got tons done. It felt rewarding, and I was glad to end of the week feeling like I had done better. Some of this was because my dad was in there, and the guys couldn’t give me any shit while he was there. So that was nice smile Too bad that only happens one week out of the month.

Dad brought me home last night - what a sweety - he didn’t want me having to wait another 2 hours after work for E to pick me up. And so I got home nice and early, and got to pick up a few things and then play for a while before E came home. Megan showed up on her way home from dropping off DesireÚ. It was SO nice to see her - her hair is just adorable, and she looks super happy. She sounds super happy to be home. She says that college was harder than she expected - that she studied all day thursday (she only has one class) for her A&P test yesterday, and she felt like she did good on it. Yay! I wish I could be learning some of the stuff she’s doing - I would really enjoy it, but she’s too busy to share much of it with me. Speaking of which, I should look for my english folder to share with her - she needed some essay ideas and stuff.

I need to bring a desert today for our welcomehomemegan/happybirthdaydaddy party today - I thought about making a cheesecake, but I just didn’t have that much energy last night by 6:30 when Meg appeared. SO, I’m gonna call Larson’s Bakery and see if they have cakes that are already pre-made that we could pick up in a few hours smile Its supposed to be a nice bakery, but I’ve never been in there before.

I’m still working on some php stuff, and I keep getting sidetracked, so I’m going slower than I’d like to. I made some beautiful images that I think I’ll use here for a little while, and then offer a generic version of them as linkware - I really like how they turned out, with leaves and a pretty texture.

Good morning, and have a wonderful weekend smile I hope your day gives you a special feeling of being loved. You are. smile

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