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exciting evening

Hmmm, no not really ;)

My sister says that I don’t post enough about how I’m doing here, so I’m gonna write about my evening last night :giggle:

I sat here and worked on php tutorials for quite some time last night until my boy came to pick me up. He made me drive. That was the first time in over a month. I did okay, remembered everything I was supposed to do, but had a harder time situating myself in a lane and sticking there without wavering a bit. I wasn’t having that problem before, so I’m sure I’m just out of practise. By the time I got home, my hands and legs were totally shakey. I was just a ball of nerves. I shook even as I put a sandwich together and stuff. I feel like a dork. But I know that its so much stress on my little body to do this, and I physically haven’t been able to deal with it during the last month. Which is sad because this month, I’ve actually had days off. Work has just gotten worse and worse. I can’t imageing how much more stress it could really cause on me. BUT, I don’t want to search for another job. If I was to stop working here, I’d stay at home for at least a few months before I even thought of finding a job. And, I know that we need to be saving for a house, so I’m gonna keep working... and hoping... and wishing.

So I watched Dragonball Z (with Go-ten and Trunks, so its a newer episode) with E while we ate. I actually am scared to say that I know what’s going on in this show LOL! I had a cheese sandwich and raman, with only a little bit of the seasoning package. And then, ice cream and cake. Lets finish the day off with WAY too much bad things! I gained another lb. when I weighed myself. Its silly - I go for days eating good, and stay at the same weight, and then I’ll do something bad (not only my dinner, but I had a grilled cheese and cole slaw at lunch) and I go up. Silly!

Then, it was back to the computers to watch buffy while playing. I love this every-night-is-a-buffy-night smile It was The Puppet Show, which was rather disturbing - I don’t like Ventriloquist dummies much myself! In this ep, we meet principal Snyder a bit more (I’m sorry, all I can think of is Band Candy when I think of him LOL! Rina will understand!)

And then Friends. I’m not surprised, especially if this will be the last season. I’m kinda glad, and kinda huh-ed about it. The father of the baby (I won’t reveal here in case people haven’t seen yet) has gotten somewhat dorky lately. It was pretty good smile

To bed for my sleepyhead. Fast forward to 2:15, when I woke up with more bad dreams, featuring my brother as an ass again! I wake up with the desire to whack him a-side of the head ;) Or kick him in the shins, as Zal would like to help me with. smile So I woke up, wide awake, read my blogs and si (where I had a fun PM conversation with my k-bella girl smile ) Then I took a futon-nap for a few hours, and it was nice. The stars were out, and I could see Orion through the trees. The moon was bright too - that’s the best part of Autumn - harvest moon and stars, and perfect crispy weather. I need to go outside in the evenings and enjoy it smile And sweep my porch, because there is a beautiful tree outside that’s loosing its leaves. smile

And after my nap, I got up, and got sidetracked by bejewelled and then came to work. Wasn’t that exciting?! ;)


no, it wasn’t a surprise (the father of the baby). It’s going to be great though to end the show with. Perhaps we will see 2 weddings this season. Or 3? smile Joey and Phoebe have been giving each other those looks....that would be so cute!

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