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I need some more uninterupted time to figure out the mess of php that I’m working on. The concept is in my brain now, its just putting together the pieces and changing everything from one format to another that takes time. I have a pretty new design that I really like, but i need to make it mesh with the coding I already have and modify that as well. I’m gonna get this figured out, I’m sure I can smile

cryptic much? sorry! It’ll make sense later on, or tomorrow, or next week, or whenever I can get this figured out to unveil it!

but now its time to wake up E and start getting ready to go to my family’s house - I’m anxious to spend as much time with Meg as I can smile


I’ve also been playing with php, made my own journal script. It’s more or less done but I still have to do the layout. Php is great but it takes more time to learn than html or css. Good luck!

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