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beautiful dinner and stuff

We went to my family’s house and have a beautiful dinner. I helped with the garlic bread, as always, and remembered to set the table with hot pads, because if I don’t, no one else will. I’m the dependable girl, the girl who remembers the essentials instead of just the big things. I picked roses from the front yard and put them in a vase, too. Much prettyness smile I love my sisters. they are so neato to me smile I’m so glad Meg is doing the whole school thing and loving it, and I’m excited that Lisa is happy with school, even though I wish we talked more. She’s not usually the one to stop to call me, like Meg used to do while she was in HS. I’ll have to train her ;)

Then it was home to watch George, George, George of the Jungle... ;) Happy funny giggly movie. I remember the first time we saw it. In a cheesy little theater with gum stuck to the floor, but I laughed harder than the 6 year olds in front of us. So this time, E watched it with me, and he’d never seen it. Funny stuff smile

Exciting stuff as I surf around the web: Zal has a project that I’m anxious to see. Rina’s going to a frat party. A new design for my k-bella and Stef (And Alie, if I was to get my butt in gear!). Zines are floating out of everywhere, and I’m excited to see. Teri’s excited about today, for good reason.

So now I’m back to playing with my php setup and listening to E play Final Fantasy 2 LOL! It sounds funny cuz its so old!

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