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hacker girl

I feel like a super-hacker today. (Never as cool as my friend the super-super-hacker, but still!) I got a few more things tweaked on my php skins (only internal, nothing value-added again for you guys yet, but I’ll get more!) I found the Greymatter Hacks and Mods page, which had a hack for remembering people like how Dawn does it on a.lifeuncommon.org in the comments section. I thought that was way cool smile

And now, I’m setting up another linkware set, this time with my first greymatter-specific template, giving the way to divide it up into the templates. It takes a bit more work, but once I get this inital framework done, it won’t be hard to add it for other sets. Yay smile I think that’s another good step towards making blogplates a great resource for even more people. Yay! smile



Yay for skins and the people smart enough to implement them..! I know I couldn’t do this smile

I really like the October design, it’s beautiful!

I’m going to have to take a look at those linkware sets, especially the greymatter specific ones when they’re done... I’m in a huge design slump right now. I haven’t changed my log design since the moment I began the darn thing!

Oh, well, I feel like a big dork, the skins entry was the previous one 8)

Nevermind me smile

Since this comment is better suited for this entry....

You may find that some people (specifically, people using IE 6.0) have trouble with the current cookie code. There’s a second version, available here, which solves the problem. Just thought you’d like to know!

- Amy

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