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more istj info

I was researching for my sister (who just tested and was found to be an ESTJ) and found an interesting page about how the various personalities deal with stress. Mine is right on.

ISTJ under stress

When their skills at maintaining the structures that they believe hold up society fall short of achieving the security they are striving toward, ISTJs become tired and weary. If the stress becomes overwhelming, ISTJs become immobilized and cannot fill the responsibilities that they consider necessary for rightful membership within their community. They become incapacitated by concerns of a bankruptcy. ISTJs may then further increase their attention on the details of the situation that is causing them stress. This sometimes results in accusations by those around them that the ISTJ is becoming over-demanding, irritable, inflexible, and impatient with others.

Fearing the breakdown of a trustworthy system and dreading becoming an outcast, the ISTJ may feel like energy is being drained from their bodies. Fatigue will set in and it will be exacerbated by a loss of sleep and of appetite. Depleted of their resources, ISTJs will be unable to meet many of their obligations or fulfill their duties to their work and to others. Not being able to fulfill this basic need, the ISTJ becomes further stressed and almost incapacitated by listlessness %u2014making it all the more difficult be responsive to others.


I get a huge kick out of reading about the Myers Briggs/Keirsey Joiner test. I’m an ENFP. I have found it to be right on in it’s descriptions.

if ya need more info... I have many bookmarks smile

I’m an ENFP, or at least I was the last time I tested through it - I’ve never tested as anything else. *shrug* Wonder if I still am - anyone have the links?

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