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another dream...

I just remembered part of my dream, and I had to type it out before I forgot.

I was in this giant game. It was like a giant island or something with challenges we had to make it through, but it didn’t seem like there was a real goal. Some of it was pretty scary - like this giant rock hill we were trying to climb before some of it fell down. An opening from the rock that just appeared into a flower garden where my dad was. A section with snow and water where we had to climb into the water to get across. A maze without an end that people kept getting lost in.

But the really odd thing was the assortment of people in it. My family was in some of the dream. Classmates from college were in some of the dream. And many of my online girls were throughout the dream. I was with some people that I can’t identify at the beginning, but I think Zal was with me... and then all of a sudden I was with my family. For the maze that didn’t seem to have an end, I made Mellie hold my hand because I was scared we’d get lost. We kept running into people that I recognized from SI - Jenn, Beth, Ashley, and many others. And then we found Zal again.... I think I had lost her from the beginning of the dream, and I was so excited when we found her that I lost Mel again. And then I had to help some college friends, Heather and Ryan, get across the snow/water section of the game. It was cold in the water, and I helped them get up and then I wasn’t sure how to get out myself. I think that’s when I woke up.

Yes, I’m aware that my dreams are bizarre. I can’t seem to control it - some of them are so clear to me that I wake up wondering where I am and why I’m not with the people in my dream. Some of it reflects things in my life - like this maze had bright colors like Crash Bash has, and I played that last week with E. Some of it is just so bizarro that I have no idea where it came from. I guess I have a vivid imagination both asleep and awake. But how can I dream so vividly about people that I really have only seen pictures of and chatted with online? Its really weird but cool.

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