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I forgot that I had Stan by Eminem on my computer, and I just am playing a random selection of everything on the computer here. This song makes me sad. The words are just so sad. I thought it was just Dido when it started, and then I left it on, and once I start listening, I’m compelled to finish it. But it leaves me with this sad ache in my chest because I think there are probably fans out there like that. And his little brothers name is Matthew. That hits me every time. Makes me worry about Leonard because I worry that one day he’ll do something stupid like this and crush Matthew. And it would. I read a report Matthew wrote about his most memorable day so far in his life - he wrote about the day Leonard took him to the card store. Not Disney World, not a trip to MI, but an afternoon that Leonard spent with him. Why can’t Leonard be like that every day with him? :sigh:

I know, the song is probably meant to be funny, but I need to delete it. Do you want to read the lyrics? Okay, I guess I’ll link them, even though...


I don’t think Marshall meant it to be funny; I think that behind his outlandish behaviour, there’s a really smart person that has some incredible work in him. Unfortunately, I think we’ll only get to see glimpses of his genius due to his having to play this "MC Rap Daddy" routine to continue to make money and make his fans happy.

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