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morning tv

Oh why oh why did they put the E! Original Special: Buffy the Vampire Slayer at a time I might see it!!! I would love to have seen it, but I didn’t need for it to be on from 2-3 so I would feel the desire to stay up and watch it ;) I’m so bad.

And can I just say? Spike has a bed in his crypt. Woo hoo!


Mmm... Spike. Yummy.

Ahhh shoot!! I missed it!! You know, it’s weird. A bad thing has happened to me. After watching the season premiere of Buffy I haven’t really wanted to watch the show since sad It just seemed so UN-Buffy to me and it’s like she doesn’t seem like the sime person to me anymore! I’m losing it!!!! Noooooo!!!!! Somebody slap me...puhleeze!

Okay, so I’m being a weirdo today ;) Eat a tootsie pop for me too please!

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