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weekend fun

The weekend is over, but its okay

I can make it another two days

Then I get a day off, some fun for ME

So that’s how it goes, a diddily dee....

yes, little poems come out of my fingers before my brain can say - Kristine, you silly girl, why are you writting a poem?! So now my brain says that, and my fingers type I don’t care, it was a cute poem and its 1:37 so it doesn’t matter! Tee hee, you wanted to hear me fight with my fingers?!

My weekend was nice. Full-feeling and somewhat productive. On Saturday morning, I played a lot before E woke up and then took a nice long nap. Because it made sense at the time - I was in bed and we had a few hours before we were gonna be hungry - what better thing to do than take a nap?! So that makes me wake up a bit fuzzy, and I was already a bit sad, so I was kinda quiet after that point. But it was okay, I cheered up - E took me to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. He’d been wanting to visit it for a long time, but I always had better ideas because I’m not so much for Mexican... but it was actually really good! I’m sure we’ll be going back smile It was cute, there were these little girls in there, and this one was probably 9 or 10 and she got to seat us ;) I think it was a family owned place :giggle:

From Mexican, we drove over to Best Buy and browsed for over an hour. I’ve decided that I’ll be happy if we spend all of our disposable income there :giggle: Its the perfect place for us. We looked at PDAs for E and CD-RWs for me: possible Christmas gifts for each other; and I wasn’t even trying to think of them until that point. So it was cool to start looking. We looked at fun games and digicams (only long enough for E to realize how spendy they are. bah!), very flat scanners and CDS (they even had 2 Jonatha CDs there, and I was surprised!). Oh, and we bought Matthew’s birthday present, because that was the reason we were there. GTA2 and the Nelly Furtado CD - both requests from him smile And a print cartridge for my dorky printer. What restraint we showed - that’s all we came away from the store with!!!

We headed over to the movie theater, and almost went to see Bandits, but by this time, it was 5, and we decided it was more important to grocery shop. My body was so tired by this point, but I needed food, so to shop we go. Got a nice selection for the week, although I don’t feel like I got anything to make any meals for the evenings, just basics, nothing special. Oh well, I’ll figure it out. And then we played in the candy aisle and got candy for trick-or-treaters, some purple lights and a spider web for the front window smile I looked at costumes, but decided that I couldn’t rationalize the money for that!!! More little mellowcreme pumpkins in the flat round from Blueberry Hill because they are SO much better than the ones Farleys that I got. Yum. These are my favorite thing, and I must take advantage of it being halloweentime so I can enjoy them smile So it was a fun shopping trip. E and I giggled. Okay, I giggled and E laughed at me for giggling ;)

Back home to play and watch thursdays Buffy and Friends. I got a backrub and we played and then i got back up and wasn’t sleepy, so I stayed up and watched South Park before trying to go back to sleep. I still got up at 1:30 and wrote a letter, but oh well - I slept in until 9 after that!!!

Sunday morning included playing until Matthew called so I could wish him a happy birthday! My baby is 13 now. Wow. Hard to believe that I helped raise a 13 year old. My mom was pretty sick and really depressed after he was born, so I did a lot of the taking care of him for the first year of his life. And we share a special connection because of that smile Play, Play, Play; Shower, Dress, presentwrap - stopped to get a present for Lisa to give him, and off to eat Pizza together! What fun! Lisa made a delicious cake. So wonderful that I had a 2nd piece. (yeah, so don’t mind me when I whine about being fat LOL!). It was fun smile We came home, and I spent the rest of the evening on my computer (talked to S and Alie and Rina - yay!) and downloaded a bunch of Photoshop actions smile

So that was my weekend. What better thing to do at 1:55 am than to talk about that? I can’t think of anything better smile Well, other than watch the Thermapedic infomercial like I did last night - I want one of those bed ;) Yes, I’m silly, you knew that already smile Now I’m gonna go lay down again, and take a little futon nap for 3+ more hours until its really time to get up and get ready. Its weird, I’m really not minding being up this early - I feel awake and its nice to have some quiet time. Nighty night smile


I looooooove the mellocreme pumpkins! We buy them every year without fail. I’m most partial to the Brach’s kind though. smile

Oh! it seems you had a lot of fun there, eh? Good for you!

I’m back and happy to read good blogs like yours. Good luck, dear!

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