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busy morning!

What a busy morning it has been! I feel completely strung out between 17 projects and my brain just can’t seem to focus on one when there are so many. Would you like to read what my job is? I have so many things I’m in process with that I’m putting it in the MORE category!!!!

Now do you see why I’m so stressed? I’m doing the work of a Purchasing Manager, a personal secretary for my dad, the payroll and scheduling supervisor; the Accounts Receivable supervisor; Work coordinator for the A/R person (Annette, my secretary); Head Accountant; Computer Systems manager; along with my own personal correspondence and calls. Think I can get this done todayconfused? ;)

I’m ordering hardware. I’m not so perfect at this job BECAUSE our production people make me guess when hardware is out instead of telling me on the products that aren’t set up inthe computer. I have 5 orders to type up from this sheet of paper, because the items come from 5 different vendors. Of course, they don’t want the normal quantities of some of the things. And a few of the items, Leonard is SURE that the computer is off on them. How? I don’t understand. :sigh: So I have to do some research on that. Several of the items are on possibly permanent backorder, and so I don’t know what to tell them, but I can’t keep calling the vendors every day and asking about them!! I also should make changes to the reorder quantities on the items that Leonard talked to me about ordering. call Wallsall

I’m working on a payroll tax check. The dollar amt is calculated, but I haven’t printed it yet. I should be able to finish that soon. I need to get all of the info for Quarterly Taxes to Mom - the sheet is printed and the 4 envelopes are here. Oh, and I need to print off the sales for last quarter for the 4th envelope.

I’m working on an Accounts Payable - I need to modify some of the bills and print checks for some of the ones that are ready for payment. Mom waited until Friday afternoon to give this to me, and wanted them before the end of the day - I had not a chance of finishing it, so I must do it today.

I’m sorting the weekend mail and bills and joining the ones for items received with their respective POs and writing up the services ones at the same time. I haven’t started this, but its quite a big pile, so I should work on it before I’m done with the above payments so we have a correct A/P.

I need to mail out statements. Its the 15th, we do them the 1st and the 15th. That means that Annette needs to have the checks entered and the invoices done before I can do that. And then, she needs to go through it and make notations. Then, I have to print and make notations on the actual statements (stamp a big "you are an asshole for not paying - pay now or die" stamper on the thing. Just kidding, it says "Past Due: Please Remit" ;) )

Its the time of the day where I need to make a new production sheet as well. This requires that Annette not be in the middle of typing sales orders or invoices, both of which she’s working on right now. When she’s done, I need to do the 15 minte process of exporting the info into Excel, formatting it, adding in the equations, and then printing it. Then, I must write up all of the things that we haven’t been able to finish on it because the boys cut things out when they don’t have the hardware to make them, and so we have to mark those things so they don’t cut them out again. again

I also need to go through the checks and items received at the end of last week and finish up the paperwork for them. This requires taking the purchase orders down off of my bulletin board and matching them with the checks, invoices, and packing slips to confirm that we received everything and that it was entered into the computer. We used to not double check all of this, but with peachtree, and having to enter the items in as they come, I needed to keep track of the paperwork as a packet. Then I put it on the shelf for Annette to file - I simply don’t have time to do that.

I have about 20 pieces of paper that are ontop of my stackies in the urgent file that I need to get through - some just were urgent last week and now can be filed; some need files made, some need phone calls done; some are bills waiting to be sorted with the above step, and some are projects dad needs me to do before next week.

Mom finally brought me a packet of all of the office supply expenses since March - I had January and February’s entered in, and then realized she hadn’t given me any since. I need to go through the credit card statement and itemize these or do general journal entries.

I need to do a journal entry to apply a credit from one store towards another stores account. I’m not sure how to do this yet, but I couldn’t do it this morning at the same time as the rest of everything else I was doing. (Annette fixed this)

My desk needs cleaning - including the poptabs taken off of the cans, the cans rinsed and dumped (there are 14 pop cans sitting here - about 2 weeks worth). I also need to change my desk calendar, which I can’t do with all of these things on top of the desk. Mom’s been just setting things in piles on the edge of my desk, so it needs to be sorted into the real piles.

I need to adjust the sick time on each employees check to reflect the September 15th addition of sick time. Each full time employee should have 24 additional sick hours added on that date. That requires going into old checks and modifying. I should check Larry’s also because he has leave days.

Print 4 of my paychecks because I have 4 in the account to cash apparently (which means its been 4 weeks since I’ve gotten paid). This requires backing up, changing periods multiple times, and then backing up again. I also need to enter the checks from August-October for taxes.

added a few more notes....

Christmas special - set up overlay, set up halters, set up special code

cat buckles - talk to dad

Cow halters for Dexters - set up hardware, set up halters, get measurements for 5x8s


my poor poor sweet girl. no wonder you are having so much stress. ack!

but just let me know if anyone needs any shin-kicking, and i’m there smile

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