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mhd6: more

well, instead of getting online and chatting like the plan was, I decided that I needed to figure out how to put my new purple halloween lights in the window downstairs. There were no plugs anywhere near the door, so I improvised with an extention cord from upstairs, and a push pin on the ceiling to keep it in place!! I think I’m gonna try and make bats like Dawn did, and put a few in the window, and then put up cobwebs and spiders. I’ll do that next week since I’ll be home on Halloween smile

So I did that and made brownies and finished up more of the meal. The downstairs looks really nice and clean now. That’s happy smile Up here, its not so bad, I made the bed, and put my stuffed animals back on their chair instead of the floor. I haven’t decided, but I think I’m gonna move the fan downstairs. I can’t imagine it will get to where we’ll need it again, its already October 17! Its 58 right now, and it got probably to 63-65 this afternoon, and I opened a few windows just for some air, but it’ll be in the 40s tonight.

I watched Trading Spaces - and it was a fun one - they painted a mural on the wall of a basement with a little girl - it was really neato. And then they beautifully transformed a bedroom from 80s gold to a beautiful contempary love-room smile Nice episode!

I posted a few thoughts on Buffy/Angel at Bite Me! - new eps and reruns

And now, my dinner is almost ready smile


it sounds like you had a very fun day! smile of course i missed you - but we’ll talk soon!

love you girl!