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mental health day 6

Yes, I have slacked about posting all day long. But I’ve gotten a lot done, even without a list. Let me tell you about it smile

I woke up and did my midnight surfing, and then went to sleep until 6:30 when I had to wake up E. I woke him up and then curled up in the nice warm bed and slept until he left. So I got lots of sleep!

Got up, ate breakfast and then found that my internet was down. :sigh: Very annoying because I wanted to start out my day by surfing. So I lit some candles, turned on some music, and played with S’s design for a while. Listened to The View while I waited for the cable to come back up. Once it was up, I surfed a bit and uploaded some files to test them out. Fast forward through some font-searching and a little lunch on the couch (a couch picnic, how fun! I had a bagel and peach ice tea. Yummmm...).

Cleaned a bit, started some laundry. Played on the computer s'more. Cleaned the kitchen and dining room. Played on the computer s'more. Sorted the bill pile. Back to the computer, and I just restarted to see if that made my domain faster. It appears to be a bit slow this afternoon.

So I did some things for myself - played, relaxed, smelled beauitful candles. I did stuff for others - much work on S’s design because its so much fun to play, and I started dinner for E. And I spent time on organization of my house - cleaning, sorting, laundry, dishes. A good balance. I still want to watch Trading Spaces, chat with Zal if she’s around, send S her first draft of a design, and work on the rest of my to do list. I have some great ideas for TheKitchen, and I really wanted to work on MT today. But I got focused on other thigns. So it’s all good.

Happy Wednesday, friends. I hope you are smiling because I sure am!!!! smile

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