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its cold in here!!!

Wow, I can definitely tell that its fall now - its only 40 degrees right now. And I’m betting it was colder about an hour ago, I woke up just freezing (cuz there was no heat on downstairs where I had a futon nap!)

So now the heat is on, and I’m warming it all up for E so that it’ll be toasty while he takes a shower smile Aren’t I sweet?!


you definitely are a sweetie! laughing


i haven’t told you - but i love the skins!

Oh, it’s just soooo nice to be able to get out of the shower, and it actually be WARM in the apartment/house during the winter. We’re not using our heat yet, cuz it’s not cold enough and the three of us just don’t use the A/C or heat much anyway.. but it’s always nice in the morning!

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