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cool quiz

I wanna be like the cool chicks: zalary, k., S, candi, Eden, and Lee

So I copied. I’m a big fat copycat ;) Do you still wanna take my quiz? Go ahead, its not so hard... All About Kristine Quiz


I got a 90%! LOL I was GONNA say that April was your favorite month, then at the last moment went with December for E’s BD and christmas. So I say 95% for wavering. ;)

Fun quiz!

I got 40 points - yikes, there’s a lot I need to learn! I was right on your middle name though, but I remember that because of your SI name & initials, kdlb wink

teehee.. I got 50! I almost said April, too! d'oh! I think I wanna be a copy cat and make one, too! *wee*