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odd feeling

I feel funny this morning. A cross between unmotivation, tired eyes, almost sad feelings, and a dash of a-body-that-feels-heavy-and-unable-to-move.

I’ve been sitting here staring at the production sheet for 10 minutes. I’m confused by it, I think, because it doesn’t look like they made anything since Tuesday night when I put it back there. Hmmm.

I’m also baffled by my mom’s dorkyness. I finally remembered to put the bill on the payables for the monitor that E and I bought for the business, and when she saw that, she got all freaked out. So she made dad dig out all of his papers for the car work that he paid for - in reimbursement for us paying for a car rental LAST SUMMER! Looks like when those two things are added up, I owe him $60.39. Okay, if mom fuckin asks me for a check, I’m gonna throw up at her. The paychecks that I deposited on tuesday? They are from MAY! They owe me so much fuckin money that why is she quibbling over $60?! I’ll just credit this to the payables, I guess. :sigh:

My sisters get to see each other today, and I miss them so much. I miss having real friends to hug. Its so wonderful to have online friends (even though some days, I feel like I neglect them), but every once in a while, you need a real hug. And having Megan 4 hours away and Lisa gone all the time makes me sad. Will we ever all three be in the same place again? I wish we could live in the same neighborhood and raise our kids together, but the chances of that are slim, I suppose.

So I’m hoping that very soon, I get unbabbled and can get back to my to do list without being so fluffy feeling. Maybe I’ll go around my favorite reads and leave some more happy messages. That might cheer me up smile


i know exactly what you’re feeling - most of my best friends are online, and i really miss having good, close friends IRL. i know little brackets aren’t anything like a real hug, but please know that they’re meant just as much smile (((((kristine)))))

aw, Kristine, cheer up sweetie. It amazes me that you leave happy notes for other people to cheer yourself up. You have a beautiful heart. (((hugs)))

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