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on my way home, there’s a beautiful stone wall with ivy covering it. The ivy is changing colors, and the trees next to it are even getting a soft autumn look. I said to E: "If I had a camera, I’d stop and take some pictures." Then when I opened my homepage, it had a link to Top Ten Selling Digital Cameras. Was that a sign?

Things I know I want: zoom. capacity to store a fair amt. of pictures and ability to upgrade that. An easy way to transfer them to a computer and/or printer.

I’m considering HP just because then I know that I can get a really good photo printer that will be the same brand and they’ll more than likely work well together. I definitely want 2.1 megapx or higher. But I don’t know much about the types of storage media or the lenses or anything real-camera related. I just know that I’m an excellent photo editor, and so the option to have the pictures at my fingertip at real quality, pop them into PS and crop, and then print off the best ones - that’s perfect for me. Unfortunately, they are so expensive, and I want to get a good one and a printer at the same time. So I probably won’t get one until next year, but I’m starting my research smile So now I can come back to this thread in a few months and see if I know more by then smile


Just a suggestion... A woman in my scrapbook class is a graphic designer and works with digital photography all the time. She advised me to always get prints of photos (via a service like Ofoto) because unless you get the top-of-the-line photo printer (well over $1,000), the quality will deteriorate over time. I know it does with regular photos too, but she said that the average life of a printed picture is ~ 25 years, whereas a processed print is over 100 years. I don’t know too much about it, but it’s something to keep in mind. I prefer to get my digital pics developed and honestly, it doesn’t come out to be much more expensive. Last week I ordered 25 4x6 prints. With shipping it came to $14. Now, I know those are 25 good pics, so it’s not like getting a roll developed and having maybe 10 good pics... OK, I am just babbling now. I guess my point is, don’t feel like you need to get a printer. smile

So with something like Ofoto, you can choose pics from your camera to upload after you’ve cropped and stuff? And then buy prints from there?

I totally see what you are saying - that makes good sense. So maybe a cheaper photo printer, just so I could frame a few for my house; and then use Ofoto or something similar for the prints I really wanted to keep in albums.

That seems like a good deal for prints too - thanks for sharing!!!!!

Exactly! smile I often print photos out on my very basic ink jet printer (and they come out pretty good, actually!) to send to my family & friends in letters and whatnot. And then I order prints that I want to use in my scrapbook.

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