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I just picked up my bag of Mariani Harvest Medley ("A delicious blend of sweetened dried cranberries, natural orange flavored cranberries, apples, and premium tart cherries.") and my mom said "That looks healthy."

Yep, I’m eating fruit and pretzels instead of mellowcreme. I’ve been doing it for weeks now. Then why am I having to sit her with the button of my pants undone so I can sit here w/o my tummy hurting?! Yes, I know, its the drugs doing it, but can’t I whine just a little? I’m gonna get me some overalls, dang it! I’ll still look cute in overalls, but I won’t have to deal with my tummy being hurty ;) Or some soft pants. Something nice and stretchy but sexy still. Anybody got suggestions of where to look for this stuff? Old Navy has no overalls. Target has no overalls. Are they out of style now? Oops, I’m late in the trends... but that’s nothing new ;)

(I sneak in some pumpkins and candy corn in here and there, I’m not perfect!)


I just got the cutest pair of overalls at Wal-mart. Have you tried there? Overalls are NEVER out of style. Why? Because I say so! LOL! I love them!!!

Try JcPenny for the overalls, i think that’s where i got mine...

i looked all over for overalls, too. Carol’s right... WAL-MART!! i just bought a pair there over the weekend for $20, and they had them in denim, khaki, and... green, i think (or some dark color). also, look at j.jill for velour ones (can’t get much softer than that)!

I work at Penney’s and we sell overalls. smile I also have a pair of overalls from American Eagle and Maurices (not sure if that’s a chain out there or not).. and they are both very comfy!

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