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some mornings, I wish I drank coffee. I’m SO asleep. I kept falling asleep in the car on the way over here, and I just laid my head down on the desk while I restarted my computer and fell asleep.

I love the smell of coffee, but not the taste so much. Mochas and flavored stuff with more flavor than coffee are good, but probably not so good at waking me up. I’m got cherry coke, but its cold!! I actually have my wool blankey on my lap because I was so cold when I left. I’m actually tempted to lock my office door, turn off the lights and lay on the floor and take a nap. I wonder how long I could make it until the phone rang?!!!

Its an early morning for E. He has to get there early so that if anyone has a crisis before work starts, he can handle it. Such a smart boy!

I got 8 hours of sleep, with less than an hour up in the middle... I don’t know why I’m so tired!! Tomorrow is wednesday though wink Yay for sleeping-in days!!!


ha, the phone rang.

and of course, if you resign yourself to just being sleepy with no nap, it’ll go a nice long time without ringing.

silly phones. i think they are out to get us.

zzzzzz smile

When I drink a.m. coffee, it has french vanilla creamer in it PLUS a spoonful of sugar. It’s super woosy coffee, but I like it! :o) But I don’t drink it much anymore, I wait and have p.m. coffee after supper. THEN I put in plenty of Carolan’s Irish Creme Liqueur and a spoonful of sugar. :o)


i slept through a whole hour and a half of chemistry, came back to my room, and slept for another hour and 15 minutes. (almost through my rehearsal with jess!)

and i got a full eight hours of sleep last night too.


I’m surprised mochas don’t wake you up.. they got espresso in them and that’s way stronger than a plain ol' cup a joe. I for one, don’t drink caffeine at all. Unless you count the mocha part to the mocha.. I have them made with decaf espresso though.. smile

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