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I just had to follow in the beautiful Zalary’s footsteps and take the Animal Test:

I am a beaver. It said I was either that or a penguin, or I may be an owl, but the beaver fit me the best smile

A few comments about the Beaver -

"Beavers are the workaholics of the animal world. "

"While others are playing, beavers are usually hard at work. They are well prepared for any eventuality and their homes are well stocked with spare water, emergency radios and survival kits. Even the beaver is not sure why it spends such energy in securing its home, but it instinctively feel more comfortable when it does. "

"Beavers are patient listeners although they rarely follow advice. While they might confide in a close friend about personal issues, they usually choose to internalize their feelings instead. And a beaver wouldn’t dream of confronting someone with whom it has a problem. It would much rather blow off steam by complaining behind their backs or by punishing them in subtle ways. "

Yep, sounds like it fits me in many ways smile


You’re going to give yourself ulcers, Kristine!!!! lol You should counteract internalizing and being a workaholic by taking many mini-vacations. smile

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