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mental health day 7

Good morning smile

My trip to Hazel Dell wasn’t so bad last night. Lisa was just appauled that Mom hadn’t had her figure something else out - because she could have gotten a ride half way or something. So E and I had some Arbys and went to get her, and brought her home, and then came and went straight to bed. No buffy for me! But, its done, so no more point worrying about it!

So welcome to my MHD smile I’m happy to be at home. I had breakfast and a little nap on the couch already, and now I’m up to get some things done!

Getting things in order I need to do some laundry. The toilets need cleaning. The bathroom counters upstairs need cleaning. Dishes need to be washed and shine the sink. Table needs to be sorted and bills brought upstairs.

Doing things for myself I have quite a few computer projects that I want to work on - new l-p design, blogplates stuff, TheKitchen stuff, MovableType stuff. I already got a nap and some prayer time. Watch Trading Spaces at 4. Chat with Zal smile. Maybe a bubble bath.

Doing things for others Cook for E, who will be home late. Post some great things on SI. Tweak stuff for S. Start Christmas gift list and make an order at ABC possibly.

That’s a pretty big list, but if its too big, I’ll scale back. Mostly, I need to get rid of this annoyed feeling I had at work, and be calm and happy to make it through the rest of the week smile

I hope your day is as sunshiney and beautiful as mine will be!!!

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