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I think it should be a law that any time there is road construction or a building being built, they should have a big sign so people know what was going on. I’m a curious-george, and I don’t like not knowing!!!

Right now, there’s a big dump truck and a digger truck out there in the front of my house tearing up part of the road. I have NO idea why!!! They need a big sign, just for me!! smile


girl, i agree.

on those signs, they should also have the dates when everything will be back to normal. i just drove to massena (which is 15 minutes from potsdam) in a half hour, because they have rt. 56 all torn up. PLUS, it was raining, so my car is filthy, and my hands are still vibrating from holding on to the steering wheel while i was driving over unpaved roads.


That is a genius idea. I’ve been known to let that stuff bother me. I hunt and search on the Chicago city website looking for such construction projects, just so I know what’s going on.

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