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lisa and vball

my mom is kinda thoughtless sometimes. I mean, she doesn’t really think things through. She had a dentist appointment today and KNEW that there was a chance they would pull the tooth. But she didn’t make any plans for how Lisa would get home if she wasn’t able to drive and she didn’t make any plans for how Matthew would get to his class. :sigh: Yes, I realize she’s in pain, but she should have taken a few minutes to think about it before hand.

So Matthew’s plans are just too much for me - I can’t drive back and forth 4 times to take care of his practise. But i’m gonna have to make E drive out to Hazel dell (WAY on the other side of Vancouver), get Lisa, and take her back to Washougal (WAY on the other other side) and then drive back to our house (somewhere in the middle. )

If mom had planned, it probably wouldn’t have been anything at all for Lisa to stay at a friends house tonight or have a friend bring her part way. But mom didn’t bother to think about that.

Thanks mom, for ruining a perfectly good evening at home. I had dinner cooking plans and tv plans and working on my computer plans, but now, its all screwed up.

(fuck, its at a school I don’t even know where its at, and damn it all - I’m gonna miss Buffy. BLAH!)

(And not only is it a normal buffy night where I get to cozy up on the couch with E and watch it in real time, the rerun is a to-be-continued from last night, so my two hours of cozying are ruined. :pout:

And E’s not here yet to whine to. Blah, I’m so annoyed and stompy feeling now)

(This makes me feel like crying. Mom couldn’t even have the guts to call me, she made Matthew do it. And why isn’t E here yet. Damn. Why do I have to be the responsible one? If it was Megan, and she had other plans, she’d have said so and made Mom figure it out. But NOOooo, I’m the "most dependable" and so its okay, you can use me for a fuckin doormat. Just call me, anytime, I’ll let you stomp on my HEAD!)

(Crap, this mad-face I put on is making me have a headache. I can feel the vein in the side of my eye starting to pump too fast like it does when I’m getting a bad one. CRAP!)

(oop, and now at 5:50, E just called and is just starting his trip to get me - at least 25-30 minutes. So we’ll be home for like barely enough time to sit down before we have to leave again to go get her. :sighsmile



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