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good morning!

Its a sprinkley-rainy morning here in the Portland area... but I’m warm and cozy curled up in a blanket, so its okay smile

I woke up early and played for a while before going back down to the futon and curling up with a bit of a tummy ache and headache. I think its just this time of the month kinda issue, so its okay. I got all cozyed in and found that Trading Spaces was on! One I hadn’t seen smile And look, its on a whole lot today - Daily TV Listings—The Learning Channel (TLC) So I watched an episode, ate some Life, and now I’m back upstairs to play.

I’m working on several projects, but I’m not sure if I’ll get them done today. The first is my new layout for love-productions. I really like what I have so far, but I need to work on my navigational elements. Right now, I have the site split up into 3 main sections - Graphics, HopelessRomantics, and About. The graphics section is split into webpage jewelry, gallery, and graphics help. The Hopelessromantics section is split up into angelquotes, my journal site, and the lovelinks pages. And the about section just tells about various things and my affiiliations and that kinda stuff. I’m debating how to present the hopelessromantics part because the name is not very descriptive and plus its really long to put on a button. I could just call it the hr section, but that’s not very descriptive either. So I need to work on figuring that out so I can work on how I want to present the navigation in this new site. Maybe something trendy and dhtml-y. I think I might surf some dhtml sites this morning to see what I can find smile

I’ve also got MT all working, and I’m just debating now how to deal with integrating it. I’ve read that it will be 2 or 3 more weeks before a version that comes out that will import the GM comments automatically, so I really don’t want to transfer over my entries until that comes out. But, there are some great features that I’d like to use. So I may just integrate my archives from GM right now, and then work on pulling them all in once MT will import the entire entry and comments together. So that means a bit of tweaking to my archives page, and then some tweaking to MT. I might get that working this weekend.

My body is tired, my mind keeps working. I wish I had a laptop so I could sit on the couch all comfy with all of these brainstorms. But alas, no such luck. So I get to listen to Final Fantasy Tactics if I want to work on the computer!