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freezer shopping

this was actually posted after the above post, but because of the time change... :giggle:

Even after looking through the list (which is somewhat un-updated) of Shopping centers in the Clark County Area, I’ve only found a few places that sell freezers. Best Buy and Sears, because JCPennys only has a few. The other big department stores (Meier & Frank, Mervyns, Nordstroms) just don’t carry large appliances any more.

Sears has quite a large selection of upright freezers. from 5.0 cu ft to 20.6. Wow. I think we probably are in the 11-14 cu ft range, because we’ll never have large meat to freeze, and I know I’ll never freeze as much fruit and veges as my mom. Basically, we want a back up place for our freezer stuff so we can get things on good deals and store them. E’s Lunch meat, little pizzas, ice cream, bread, that kinda stuff. So, Sears has a price range from 300-450 for this range. Best Buy has a 14.1 cu ft model for $300. Oh, and Sears has a 14.1 model for $350. Best Buy doesn’t say their delivery charges, but its $40 with Sears.

Best Buy is all Frigidaires, Sears is mostly Kenmore. Lowes wasn’t comparible in price to look at. I don’t know how important Frost Free is - worth another hundred dollars + at Sears? Eww, the 100+ model only has 2 shelves. So we’re looking at at least 125-150 more for frost free for the same size. For what we are gonna be storing in there, maybe its not worth it.

Okay, I feel more informed now smile Now I can actually talk about freezers with E and not feel like I know nothing. I hate going into a store w/o any information. In fact, I’d rather just tell E which one I want and send him because I hate the chit chat with the store reps who assume I know nothing cuz I’m a girl and only talk to E when he has NO clue :g: Yes, its happened before, can ya tell?!


Feeling your painsmile I do have to say that I remember having to defrost a 'fridg growing up that wasn’t frost free - the big this is that it will need ot be done 'cause it builds up to the point where it actually takes up space. Then you have to turn it of and let it all thaw (storing the stuff ? in the meantime) and then clean up the enormus puddle - or chip it out.



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