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daylight-saving time history

Daylight-saving time: What’s the point? - Encarta

What an interesting article!! I never knew this much about Daylight-Saving Time (which ends on Sunday Morning), and I am really interested. I thought that the country kept up with this just because it had been an institution for so many years, but there are 3 good reasons in this article:

  • It saves energy. When we’re awake, we’re more likely to have our TVs, VCRs, and lights on (among other home appliances). By shifting the hours we’re likely to be awake to correspond with the daylight outside, we’re less likely to have the lights on, so we use less electricity.

  • It saves lives. When people’s waking hours correspond with daylight hours, they’re safer. Traffic accidents, for example, are less likely when it’s light out.

  • It cuts down on crime. Crime tends to happen after dark. As is the case with accidents, people are less likely to fall victim to crime when their waking hours are synched up with the sun.
AND, I found out why I was born on Daylight Savings time, even though in April its no where near my birthday anymore:
...in 1986, Ronald Reagan made one last change--moving the start of daylight saving to the first Sunday in April. It used to start on the last Sunday in April, but moving it up lets us save even more oil.
Ahhh, that makes sense, since I was born in 1976, it was before the change had been made!

Did you know that portions of 3 states still aren’t participating in daylight-saving time? Hawaii, Indiana, and Arizona. How weird!!!

So that’s your lesson for the afternoon, friends. I hope you feel more knowledgable and can impress your husbands/boyfriends tonight at dinner ;)


I have a few friends in Indy, and it always takes me a minute to figure out what time it is there!

i am doing a science project on it, but on all of the other sites it says there’s an increase of accidents, fatality rate, and people loose sleep, so their late for work. Am i right?

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