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ideas and accomplishments

before I headed to bed last night, I got quite a bit done. I worked on my new design for quite a while, and worked on cutting it up this morning since I’ve been up. I have MT almost configured to match this sites design, althought I’ll need to add some classes to several of my skins to match. I would have liked to start using it today, but there’s not enough time before my shower. I remembered to call in my prescription. I still need to put a tape in the VCR for Buffy@6 in case we aren’t home from work yet, and get Megan’s package stuff together so I can finally bring it and mail it to her. Oh, and some halloween cards to go out.

So yea,I’m running a bit behind simply because I had so many things I would have liked to get done this morning and I forced myself to take a futon nap for an hour and a half instead of staying up and doing them. So I’m not really behind, simply behind my expectations of myself - always high!! Oh, and I’m checking my account balance - it says Kristine Locatis instead of Kristine Beeson... how odd.... It has my new address....

It will be a busy day - and I will work really hard. I am excited for that, because I always enjoy working hard when my dad is there smile

Now’s its definitely shower time, and find-something-decent-to-wear-time... uh oh!!! smile


you are so so adorable! i’m so glad your day is getting off to such a good start! smile

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