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I haven’t felt well for a lot of the day. Some of it was cramps, more of it was general body aches, and the headache that won’t go away. I didn’t sleep much last night, and so I took a nap this morning for a while. We ended up not leaving the house. I showed E all of my freezer research, and pretty much decided that the frost free feature was going to be important, so I think the Best Buy model will probably suit us best. Wow, I could buy a nice digicam with that money, but this is much more realistic and will help us be able to save money by getting things on sale instead of only how much our little freezer will hold. But we didn’t make it out to purchase it. We should have, but I just didn’t feel well enough. And we were suppose to head over to the Apple Festival and get apple dumplings and apples, but again with the not feeling good. I managed to make it off of the bed and went downstairs and ate and watched Friends and Roswell with E, and by the time we were done with that, I was feeling a bit better.

I’ve been in front of my computer for quite a while since then, typing my Buffy reviews, and tweaking with this new design. I really like how its turned out, although I think I could tweak with it for another whole week before I was absolutely happy. I haven’t started doing any of the coding, but this will definitely be a high-on-graphics design because its so techie. I’ll be doing some great optimizing and use a bunch of little graphics for my rollovers. I don’t think this will be the one to not use tables on, though, Zal ;) Its a little too indepth for that!

E’s playing his game again, and I think I might go sit on the couch for a little while to give my back a break. I’m not sure why I’m so sore, but I sure needed a day to get back on my feet before I start working super hard tomorrow with dad in the shop. Let’s hope that the day is spent doing worthwhile things. I do so get much more done when he’s there - even if they are things that I wouldn’t normally be worrying about because he’s got me typing letters and doing his work when he’s there.

The sun is already starting to go down - tomorrow night will be hard to stay at work until 6 or so when E gets off if its already black outside by then. It looks so weird!

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