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how can 5 kids from the same family be so different? 4 of us are generally nice, caring people. But Leonard just has no consideration for others.

Take this for example...

Lisa has been asked to take all of her food for school lunches and keep it on a shelf in her bedroom and in the mini-fridge in there (from when I went to college). Why? Because Leonard was drinking her juice boxes instead of getting a glass of juice out of the fridge and then she didn’t have anything to bring to school. And eating her granola bars just because he was too lazy.

And then yesterday, I asked Lisa to go and get me some apple dumplings and apples from the apple festival... 6 of the apple dumplings. Guess how many mom brought me? 5. Leonard had eaten one. ARGH! She apologized for them, but he doesn’t even care whose they were, he just ate them! Its not the apple dumplings, is the principle.

I know where he gets it from - my mom is driving my car for some reason today (oh, I just found out that it was so Lisa could get her project to school - and I told her a few weeks ago that would be okay), and mom said that my car didn’t have any gas in it so she filled it up, implying that I had left it with no gas... um, no she borrowed it 2 weeks ago when Megan was home. And um, hello, who left me no choice but to drive for over an hour last week? Fuck.

Sigh, my little brain needs consistancy and consideration. I have a hard time dealing with people who are without that.


( ( ( ( Kristine ) ) ) ) I know how frustrating it can be to deal with a lack of consideration... my father was/is like that, and it rubbed off on me while I was growing up - until I got a lecture about it (I’d stayed at my sister’s place and not really asked permission for anything I ate and such) and then it started to turn the other way.

Maybe Leonard will grow out of it...?

Thanks, Sammy... I’d wish that he would, but he’s already 24, broke, living in my parents house rent free without any expenses, and doing bad things with his money. His consideration level will only go up if he were to get a girlfriend/wife/something to really care about. He doesn’t seem to have that right now.

I’m glad that you were able to feel like you changed. It kinda sucks to have these things pointed out, but it sure feels better when you feel like your really doing something right... or at least for me smile

I completely understand - my brother and mom are the same exact way. sad

Heh... I think your brother and my brother might be related. He’s 27, still living at home as well, and glad to mooch of anyone. Scarfing whatever’s in the fridge, drinking anyone’s alcohol and just generally being gross and nasty and UGH! (sorry... had to vent.) But I can completely understand your feelings Kristine. Some people have no consideration.

Has anyone told you Kristine how totally dull and boring your life is? Your weblog is so pointless as you drone on and on about totally useless thoughts that no one else cares about. You share very few links (which is what a weblog is for I thought?) and if you call yourself romantic (while your so called husband spends countless hours on his computer alone) then I have to wonder what your definition of "romance" really is. Lighten up, make some jokes and find some hobbies that get your out of the house and talking about something FUN!

Ok so "dot" has anyone told you that you are an inconsiderate bastard?

I sure do appreciate that note, dot. Sure makes me feel special, and I’m *so* glad you are reading my page because you think I’m totally dull and boring.

kristine-y my love, i hope you take "dot's" ip and just ban them from your whole domain.

i think your weblog is wonderful and your husband is terrific and you are a darling beautiful friend.

and anyone who doesn’t feel the same way, should quite frankly shove it up their ass! smile

Hey "dot"—you know what people don’t care about? Stupid friggin' idiots that are too coward to leave their name/site/e-mail address!

I love your blog—anyone that loves Tootsie Roll Pops as much as I do automatically earns my love! smile

hmmm.. I wonder if "dot" is related to the same piece of shit that posted the nasty comments on MY site.. oh how I love cowardly jackasses..

and just for the record, Kristine, you know how much I love you and your weblog and how much you’ve done for my site! your designs are amazing and YOU, my dear, are amazing! *HUGS*

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