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almost the weekend..

its almost the weekend...

I want to sing cuz its

almost the weekend!

I’m finishing up some work here, I have another hour till work is over, and an hour or so after that till E comes to get me smile I can’t wait!

After work, I’m gonna play with some manipulated pictures. Its Rina-doll’s fault!

Oh, Rina-bean has a new home on the web, go and visit her!

So many wonderful people are honoring this day of prayer and rememberance with beautiful flags on their pages. I feel more patriotic than I ever have. I’m proud to be an american. Erica said: "Everywhere I look today I see my country’s colors. Not just in clothing and flying from car antennas, but in the air. I am breathing patriotism and love of country for the first time in my life. Quite frankly, I’ve been missing out. " I SO agree with her.

I’m thinking muchly about Khara. {{hugs}} to you as you work out this new situation. And hugs to Cheryl, by association.

News story I want to share - via Julie - Ten Things you can do right now. Its this kind of thing that makes me feel even more patriotic. It actually makes me feel like I think Molly did in that series of American Girl books smile Do what you can to help the country!

I want to add hugs to Zalary-love and Rina-doll for caring for me. They send me notes, let me chat. you girls rock so much!

Wow I’m archived at The Great LaRouche Toad Massacre from my Sept 11 posts. What a nice service he’s providing with this. Really nice way to see what the webloggers were thinking on Tuesday.

The workday is over, I’m going to breathe now. Breathe with me. In and out, out and in. its the weekend! smile

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