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day of rest after week of tragedy

Its kinda weird. After such a week of watchfulness, I’m at home, and the news isn’t telling much more, and I can’t do much more at the moment to help, and I’m left with a feeling of helplessness. I’ve been helpless all week, but I’ve had things to accomplish and keep going with all week at work. I have a personal list of things to do, but they seem small in the scheme of things.

So I took a nap for a few hours instead of sitting here. I feel a bit inspired to make some patriotic graphics sets for people to use. I don’t know. I just feel odd, wishing I could help more than just sitting here starring at my screen.

its the weekend though, and I am reveling in the opportunity to rest. No work thoughts for 2 days. I hope I can make the most of these 2 days smile

Wow I’m scattery this morning. blessings to each of you.


Big giant *HUGS* ...

because I can. Love ya girl!

We all feel some kind of helplessnes, don’t we? One thing I have learned during all of this is how grateful I am for all that I have and I will never let a day go by without telling people who much I appreciate them. That goes for you Kristine. *Hugs*

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