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work stress - don’t read, its just a pile of swearing.... I just had to get it out.

damn it all to fucking hell. I hate them. I hate working with them. i hate their incompetentness. I can’t even fucking breathe.... they suck up the positive air in my office. They whine that they don’t have enough time, but one of them got here a fucking hour late, and they are taking a 25 minute break (instead of the schedule 15) right fucking now. they fucking don’t care what the fucking reports say. I am just furious. I feel like throwing something large at the wall, and I can’t stop this feeling. I can’t fucking do my job with them screwing everything up. I want to go and fucking tell them al of this. They are doing things deliberately to confuse, and not paying any attention to what is going to work for the system as a whole.

Annette says they are never going to change, that I might as well leave. Dad can’t do anything about it, and they won’t change because he won’t make them. Mom will continue to support everything they do. She makes me go batty.

I had to turn off the news because I couldn’t listen to the peaceful words. I want this anger to go away, but I can’t let go. I want there to be a difference, and so I keep thinking that if I hold onto the anger, I’ll be able to make a change through that. Its not working, but I can’t stop it. I want to yell and scream and make someone understand how this is NOT working. Who do I yell and scream to? Its not working to yell about it to mom, obviously.


nothing matters anymore for me here.


my dear sweet friend, i wish i could give you a hug right now. i love you so much and wish i could take all of this away from you. sad



*more hugs*

*hugs* Things have to get better, I think people now a days all this built up and have no wehre to let it out. Hang in there, we are all here for u.

WooooHooo...look at Kristine’s tongue on fire! I didn’t duck fast enough, and a couple fucks hit me in the head! ;o) (guess that makes me a fuckhead) ;o) ;o)

You just spew and spew all you need too. It’s hard to find a place to do it....but throwing your head back and SCREAMING bloody murder helps too. (usually in the car ALONE is a good place) :o)

Here’s hoping E does his part to hug and love on you enough this weekend for all of us.

Love ya sweetie!!

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