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saturday joy

Spaghetti Factory = full and happy girl smile

I always am full and happy when I leave there. My tummy is all bulgy because I ate so much. Its okay, because it was fun and I was happy to be there, and that’s more important than my tummy right now smile We sat and chatted and giggled, and I smiled at E. I was telling E about some of the blogs I’ve been visiting. And he said that not only do I inspire a few of the people I love online, I inspire him by my thoughtfulness and caring for others. Ohhh... wow. I really think I got a shocked look on my face, because that was a sweet thing to say, but I don’t always think that about myself. I just do what I can to bring smiles to people, but I wouldn’t use those words to describe myself. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

We went to home depot and searched all over until we found hinges and L brackets for my desk. And a drill. yay!

And then we came home. I know, its still a sad time because of this week, but we needed a break from the sadness, so we decided to giggle for a while - What About Bob is one of the funniest movies! I have seen it so many times that my siblings tend to use some of the lines for normal conversation. :giggle: E and I laughed really hard. It was a delightful time.

Now I think its time to share some love and smiles with some friends online. I have some good friends who I need to remind that they are special to me smile This is a good time to remind - life is precious and waiting isn’t necessary. So Tra la la, I’m off to glitter the sky with my smile smile I love you, precious girls!!!


and we love you! *mwah*

Found your blog - I’m glad that you enjoyed your day.

And I like this patriotic layout!

I just had to say that I really like reading your blog because you seem like a very caring and wonderful person - and even through this dark time there are still glimpses of optimism and happiness. Thankyou!

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