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grocery list

wanna know how anal I am? I write my grocery list in order of the store so i don’t forget anything ;)

Its got 3 major sections to match the 3 major sections of the store, and I write with spaces between them in case I think of soemthing else I’m forgetting that should go between them ;)

And on the bottom of the list (upside down) is the list of the things I want to do tomorrow, divided up by the sections I used last week (things for me, things for others, and things to helpe me be organized smile Lists, lists, anal lists ;)


I’ve done that also, it works wonders! smile

My family does that, too. Always confuses the hell out of me when one of them say,

"add this to the list!" because I never know where it goes. LOL

LOL I do the same thing. Makes things go smoother if you don’t have to re-read the whole list everytime you take a step. LOL

Yep yep yep. We do that too. And when I don’t take the time to re-write it in order, it takes SO MUCH longer to get out of the store. :op

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