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Leesas survey

Leesa did a cute little survey. Actually, she said lots of wonderful things today. This is just a piece of it smile So I had to follow her lead and do it just for fun because I’m waiting for the computer to come back up anyhow!

wallet: black from the GAP

hair brush: never - I use my fingers in the shower and that’s it!

toothbrush: purple and yellow with a swirl and white. It looks like my webpage!

jewelry worn daily: my wedding ring. usually my ring from my sister with a purple stone.

pillow cover: matches my bedroom set - purple and cream and swirls.

coffee cup: my fav is from my high school class that lists all of the members of the class smile Its super tall.

sunglasses: see thru ones. They remind me of rina-bean because they look like glasses but aren’t for any reason but cuteness. I have 2 pairs with lavender glass, too smile

shoes: sandles are the best. Today, I’m wearing tommy shoes that are lavendar smile

nailpolish: my nails are shorter than ever. I like light lavendar (suprised?) on my nails and dark plum on my toenails smile

keychain: a 3" traffic handle that was made wrong for a customer. carabeener type holder. WWC large gold picture. A cute little yellow McDonalds guy. Blockbuster scanny card. a Mickey mouse "K" from Disneyworld. with 10 whole keys ;)

computer: hp that is purple smile viewsonic nice old 17" moniter

favorite top: red polo-type without buttons from old navy. its soft and the perfect size.

favorite pants: guys wranglers. nice and long and make my tummy not so squishied

shampoo/conditioner: salon selectives. (mousse and hairspray too!)

perfume: victoria or vs’s love spell.

car: silver honda accord, 86. but no license to go with it yet.

television: panasonic. both of them.

stereo: my old panasonic stereo upstairs, with a panasonic surround sound dvd set downstairs

telephone: cordless uniden upstairs, cordless uniden with answering machine downstairs

cellphone: none yet. E has an adorable panasonic in silver that I lust after.

watch: none. I stopped wearing one while planning for my wedding because I was too stressed. So I rely on clocks.

computer chair: black soft one with arms. matches E’s smile

keyboard: hp which is purple and matches my computer

printer: canon bubblejet piece of crap that came w/the computer

scanner: piece of crap no name

lamp: I have a bunch that I love, but I still need one for my desk and for my craft closet

desk: o'sullivan with a hutch and file drawer and spinny pencil holder. it matches E’s and the entertainment center smile

the end. wasn’t that fun? smile

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