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Picking the perfect pie apple

Oh, yay smile All Recipes | Finding the Perfect Apple for Your Pie This will be a great link for me to come back to after the apple festival. Every year, my parents (and my, I guess) church has an Apple Festival to support the school. They buy tons of apples (we live near the famous Hood River, which has the perfectest apples!) and then the school kids make apple dumplings, which are to die for.

Last year, I made apple crepes. And Apple Crisp (which turned out better the year before). And we ate apples smile

E was realizing that this will be his THIRD apple festival. Wow, that really puts things in perspective - he’s been here, with me, in person, for 3 whole years. So neato smile I’m a way-lucky chica!

Oh, thanks to NotMartha for the link. She rocks!



I need the recipe of THE REALY AMERICAN APPLE PIE, because our apple pie are differents. I think that your pie is good.
You could send me your recipe.

My english is so so, but I think thar you’ll understand.

Eduardo Scaioni
Campinas city

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