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I’ve had bizarro vivid dreams lately. Some of them are so odd that they wake me up. This one was interesting - I was walking through the mall, and saw Sara. For some reason, I told E, who was with me that her name was Cori. I think it was her red hair that threw me and I thought red=coral coral=cori. Then I got all embarrassed and she went away. What an odd dream. Oh, and fred meyers was in the mall. It shouldn’t be. And they rearranged, and it was one of those dreams where my body was just SO tired that I couldn’t barely move, and people were all having to go around me because I was moving so slow.

So it woke me up, and I went to the potty, and now I’m up. I think I’ll surf for a while before attempting going back to bed. That was the 3rd time I got up to go potty. I took a zomig migraine pill when I got home, and I think it cleared all of the liquid out of my body because my throat is way dry. weird. But I’m so glad the migraine is gone. There’s a teeny hint of it left, but I can deal with that better than the whole shabang! I was not a happy camper last night!

So yes, this is how my brain works at 2:30am. don’t mind me, I may delete this in the morning when I see how badly I rambled ;)


oooh, now when i go to the mall, i’m going to want to look for you, heh. i wish that my mall was your mall and that we could run into each other there for real. yes indeed.

i don’t care if you’re just rambling.... you always make me smile, girl smile

hee hee! i just noticed the little bird thing! i feel like such a dork! smile

Dreaming about online friends must be the theme of today - I had a dream that included Wren, Katie and Rina last night! I think the SI boards are seeping into my unconscious thoughts smile

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