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religion tester

What religion most closely fits your beliefs? Take the test.

I identify with much of the Seventh Day Adventist, which is my stated religion, even if I’m not actively attending church. I ranked fairly high in Mormonism, Protestant, and Johovah’s Witnesses also. Its really an interesting way to see what your beliefs match, and even though I had done it before, I was interested to try it again.


that’s kind of a neat thing! i matched up with the denomination we belong to as well...that’s reassuring, i guess! smile

Not me! You guys are lucky. My Roman Catholicness came in LAST with 30% (tied with SDA, Lady K). Apparently I should be Unitarian Universailist or Liberal Quaker. One of these days I have to investigate UU...

This is the 2nd religion selector I’ve done that chose Neo Pagan as 1. But his one gave Mahayana Buddhism, UU, then Liberal Quaker. The Buddihsm one doesn’t read like anything I chose in my answers...so who knows where that came from! Interestingly enough, Baptist (how I was raised) didn’t even fall into the top 27. *LOL*

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