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makeup box

Never, ever does it say in any book that you have to keep every piece of makeup that you’ve ever owned, right?

When I moved out of my old apartment, I cleared out a whole side of drawers and boxes of bathroom stuff into this one big box. Its been sitting under my side of the vanity since February, when we moved here. I’ve randomly taken stuff out as I needed it, but I was tired of the box sitting there, and so since I got to come home early tonight, I sorted it.

I still had all of my first eyeshadows. Ya know, when you are 12 or 13 or in my case 14 or so, and your mom lets you have the trial clinique ones that she gets with her set? Yep, I had some of those. Some really pink lipsticks. Some really odd trial stuff. So I saved the good stuff, and threw away everything remotely old. Even old makeup brushes - I’ve since purchased the best GB ones, and so its not important to keep the 99cent store ones, right?

I feel so accomplished. My space under the sink is all organized, and my box is gone. Woo hoo!


Well my make-up box isn’t that old, however I do have one and it has TONS of lipstick in it (I was a lipstick fanatic when I was younger). Some of which hasn’t been used more than once, and some not at all! LOL

Oh, man, I do the same thing, girl. I have two or three boxes in my closet FULL of old makeup and nail polish and facial scrubs and cleaners and oh my god, I even have a full box of half-used shampoos and conditioners!!! I can’t make myself throw them away, though.

I can never find eyeshadow that I like, so I have the most of those. I swear I have about 40 of them! LOL!

:Ello I dunno wot i am doin!!

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