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wheelchair boy?

conversation heard on the way to work this morning....

we are trying to plan activities for E’s family while they are here...

Me: Since my ankle is a problem, maybe I’m holding you guys back and I should just stay home while you take your family sight-seeing. with a wink

E: Maybe I’ll just make you ride in a wheel-chair.

Me: without skipping a beat Ooh, Ooh, can I have one of those cute wheelchair boys to push me around? :giggle:

E: I’ll be pushing you around. disguested look

Me: :giggle, giggle, and more giggling!:

Tee hee, we are so silly smile I want a sexy wheelchair pusher ;)


LMAO - Kristine, you are soooooooo cute. smile

laughing please send me some information about matty. thank you

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