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buffy reruns and angel

Guess what I’m doing tonight? Buffy the Vampire Slayer starts in syndication on FOX tonight, with the very first episode ever - which I’ve not seen!

Then, it’s a toss up between the Brady Bunch episode of The Weakest Link (simply to see the whole Brady group together) and 7th Heaven’s season premeire.

I already know I’ll be taping Angel tonight - I can’t stay up that late on a work night!!! smile Yay for TV smile


I was right there watching the first Buffy episode... I love that show...!

I don’t have many rules, but this is one: no talking during Buffy! During the ads, yes, but not during the show itself. It’s an unforgivable sin! wink

Yes, I have that rule too!! My other rule (during the real season) is "Don’t turn the tv off until the previews are over" E always tries to turn it off, saying that I’ll see it next week. NOOO!! smile smile smile

Definitely not - you have to see the previews! It doesn’t matter that it’ll be on next week!

Plus I always have to see the "grr, argh" monster at the end of the credits - whenever my mum would tape Buffy for me she’d be sure to get that so I wouldn’t complain wink

Dammit, I missed the ep of Buffy. Again, I’ve never seen it. Anyone have it on tape?? What time is it on, 8Eastern or 7? *confused*

Heather, its on FX every night at 7PM PT - check your TV Guide smile The second ep is on tonight smile

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