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odd morning

I woke up at 2:45 to E whispering louding "Telephone" in my ear. He rolled back over and went back to sleep, but I was awake. Nope, no telephone. Nope, my eyes wanted to stay open. Nope, I couldn’t think about anything besides how bad I’m gonna feel if I can’t get the computers working early this morning at work, and how sad Annette will be, and how I’m not even sure how to recover them from this error. :sigh: So I got up and surfed for 20 minutes before an overwhelming sleepiness came over me. Went downstairs and slept till 4:45, and now I’m sooooper-sleepy. Like, I thought I might fall alseep just now in the shower. These late day/early day schedules really wreck havoc on my sleeping.

So I’m sitting here with my hair wrapped up in a towel, typing instead of moussing (my hair ;) ). And my eyelids keep closing, because I can type w/o lookin just as well. Who needs eyes ;) Odd morning. very odd indeed.

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