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I’ve been at work for an hour now, and I’m trying to fix Peachtree.

Their online help database is absolutely useless. I know what file was corrupted (my computer shut down while it was trying to print, and corrupted something) - general.dat. So because it looked like a relatively small file, I restored the backup from earlier in the day and replaced general.dat from that backup into the new files. I’m a bit concerned though, because we went from 31.3MB in a backup to 28.3MB. But I can’t find anything missing - I went though all of the lists and report, trying to find errors, and I simply can’t see anything. I’m thinking that the backup and restore process may have condensed some older data, but I’m not positive. I suppose the other alternative is to go back to the backup from 8AM yesterday, which won’t have ANYTHING from today in it. :sigh:

I’m thinking it out here because I need to make a decision on what to do in the next 20-30 minutes. I guess I’ll try a few more things to verify it.


I’m so tired!


I am having the same problem with the peachtree general.dat file they are the same size and I think it is an access file I dont think it has to do with the data per say. what was your end result??