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Every time we go to the downtown Old Spaghetti Factory, we get a bit turned around. Its hard to get to just the right street because you have to be going the right direction. But I figured it out. I just need to remember Carol. Huh, you say? We get off the highway and get on MacAdams, and then we have to look for Bancroft Street :giggle: Which incidently also crosses Moody Street :giggle: Now I’ll have to remember smile

Wanna see a picture of this one? The roof is actually PURPLE!!! I believe that this is the first ever Spaghetti Factory.

more about my day later smile


mmm.. alie had spaghetti today at olive garden.. never ending pasta bowls are nummy.. and so is black tie mousse cake.. *burp*

btw.. sorry I haven’t gotten back to you! I love the design and can you separate it into greymatter templates and stuff for me so I know how to set it up? (not an html whizz) ;)

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